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  • What is included in the Luxury Picnic
    Each picnic comes with Table, Picnic Rugs, comfortable Cushions, Picnic Blankets, Silverware, Placemats, Charger Plates, Dinnerware, Glasses, Vases, Candles, artificial Flowers and Napkins. Add ons are also available at an extra cost.
  • What is the cost of a Amber Wood Luxury Picnic
    The cost of a Luxury Picnic depends on the size of table and number of people attending. Prices start from £150.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, we ask for a deposit of £50. Your booking will be provisionally held for 48 hours, if the deposit is not paid within that time, your date will become available again.
  • Can I cancel my picnic?
    Yes, however unfortunatley a cancellation will result in loss of your deposit. However you can of course move your picnic to a more suitable date.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell, all within a 10 mile radios.
  • How long is the hire period?
    The standard hire period is for two hours. However for an additional cost it can be extended further.
  • Do you provide food?
    No. Only equipment is included in the package.


Still Have Questions

Feel free to contact me if you still have questions. I am happy to discuss ideas and themes. 

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